Frequently Asked Questions For Employers

The following Frequently Asked Questions pertain to employers who are participating in the Pamplin Lifelong Careers Services program. If you are an alum of the Pamplin College of Business, please see the Frequently Asked Questions for Candidates page.
  • Employers have been asking Pamplin Career Services to help staff experienced hires from our graduates. Our graduates have been contacting us asking for career services assistance in their second jobs out of college. We believe this is an innovative solution to assist both constituents.

  • Firms provide Pamplin a contribution for each successful graduate hire from an email and database. The contribution funds a firm-branded scholarship to recruit new freshman talent to Pamplin.

    The graduate hire is eligible to mentor current students in the Pamplin Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP). Freshman scholarship recipient will be required to be a mentee in the PUMP program and matched with the graduate hire.

  • The introductory contribution is $4,000 — until a date to be determined — and then contribution of $5,000 will apply.

  • No, the same free service of connecting current college students to employers will be unchanged. The contribution is for graduates 1+ years from their graduation date. Less than 1 year is free.

  • Scholarships will be awarded annually at $1,000 increments. If the student leaves Pamplin, the remaining scholarship will be allocated to another incoming freshmen the following year.

  • Lifelong Career Services will be launched to the last 10 graduating classes (Classes of 2006-2015) or approximately 10,000 recent graduates.

  • Initially, recent graduates will be pushed an e- newsletter monthly. As the database adoption increases over time, recruiters will be able to pull résumés directly.

  • Before each new email is distributed, you will be asked to update jobs by a certain date. Eventually, you will be able to manage the process directly from the online system.

  • Existing programs, activities and events will promote Lifelong Career Services and regional recent alumni events will launch the program, too.

    • Richmond, VA: November, 2nd 2016
    • Charlotte, NC: January, 2017
    • DC/NoVA: March/April 2017
  • No, at this time the program is exclusively for Pamplin graduates.

  • A full job description to an external link, a short paragraph overview of the company, company logo, contact name/information and a written commitment to the program.

  • The contribution will be received from you and placed into a branded scholarship in the name of your firm to be allocated the next academic year to an incoming freshman. The recent graduate hire will be eligible to become a mentor in the Pamplin Undergraduate Mentoring Program (PUMP) and the scholarship recipient must participate in this same program.

  • First, they need the talent from a reliable and trustworthy source. Second, they will obtain the talent at a significantly reduced rate. Third, contributions will be earmarked for scholarships to recruit incoming freshmen. Fourth, the employer’s recent college graduate hire will be a PUMP mentor to incoming freshmen receiving the scholarship, thus linking this program to college recruiting. Ultimately, the contribution provides an immediate hire, a branded scholarship, and access to future college hires through mentoring.

  • First, it provides private support for scholarships making college accessible for students. Second, it enhances undergraduate admissions recruiting by providing more dollars to get the best. Third, it provides a mentoring opportunity between current students with recent alums via the PUMP program. Fourth, engagement of recent alums by offering a timely, valuable and meaningful service to them at their stage of life. Five, strengthen corporate relationships for deeper partnerships. Sixth, improve graduate admissions recruiting — extension of career services after graduation yield more students from recent grads. Also, lower loan default rates of graduates with job search assistance better positions graduates in their career through these stated services. Finally, more connection and engagement with students after graduation leads to future philanthropy.